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South Africa customs

Free import

• 200 cigarettes
• 20 of cigars
• 250g of tobacco
• 50ml of perfume
• 250ml of eau de toilette
• 2L of wine
• 1l of spirits
• Goods for personal use.
• Travellers may be asked to pay deposit on expensive items like laptops, which is refunded to you when the item is re-exported. Residents who are coming back to the country are advised to register their personal items (jewellery, watches, cameras, laptops etc.) before leaving the country to avoid paying duty on these items when re-importing them.


• Narcotics and other controlled substances
• Pornography
• Weaponry, explosives and fireworks etc.
• Poisonous chemical and biological substances and other health endangering substances
• Cigarettes with a mass of more than 2 kilogram per 1000 units
• Counterfeit goods
• Goods breaking copyrights laws
• Prison-made and penitentiary-made goods


• Local currency of over 10 000,- gold coins, coin and stamp collections and unprocessed gold need to be declared.
• Endangered species of plants or wildlife, whether alive or dead, including any parts of and articles made from them will need permit from CITES.
• Plants and products thereof (honey, margarine and vegetable oils, seeds etc.)
• Animals and products thereof (dairy products, butter, eggs)
Medicines for personal use need to be accompanied by the prescription and a note from your Doctor.